потоп в Смоленске 26,06,2013

Продолжительность: 00:57
Загружено: 2013/06/26

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Smoleńsk 10IV2010 2013/04/10

Smoleńsk 10IV2010

Anatomy of a Fall - Part 1. The Anita Gargas Smolensk Crash Documentary. 2014/09/02

This documentary is shown here with an explicit written permission from its producers, and its display herewith fully complies with Polish and International Copyrights Laws.

For more information about this documentary and its author, please visit Smolensk Crash News Digest at:

Written & Directed by Anita Gargas

Cooperation: Rafal Dzieciolowski

Director of Photography: Andrzej Hrechorowicz

Translation: Anna Sarzynska

Editorial Cooperation: Konrad Falecki

Film Editing by Krzysztof Kudelski

Sound: Kamil Sajewicz, Grzegorz Gutkowski

Line Producer: Katarzyna Teodorowicz

Satellite maps imagery courtesy of Worldview Global Alliance and SmallGiS

Running Time: 70 min

anatomy of fall - documentary about Smolensk crash investigation 2013/11/04

This movie aims to explain the questions that were left unanswered by the official Russian MAK commission, and its Polish equivalent Millers's Commission.

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потоп в Смоленске 26,06,2013

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