A sudden hail storm in Russia (Novosibirsk) 12.07.2014 | Внезапный ураган в Новосибирске 12.07.2014

Продолжительность: 03:05
Загружено: 2014/07/12

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A sudden hail storm in Russia (Novosibirsk) 12.07.2014 | Внезапный ураган в Новосибирске 12.07.2014

Sudden cold snap to 20 degrees (from 41 to 21), plus strong winds and hail.

This is Siberia, baby.

Резкое похолодание на 20 градусов (с +41 до 21), плюс ураганный ветер и град.

Это Сибирь, детка.

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Ekaterina Mikhailova

Так грязно, что я подумала ,что мусор с неба падает 

Andrea Belhadj

most scary is that plastic and other rubbish on the beach ...which will end up in the ocean

shelumiel palma

umuulan ng yelo grabe

Anya Wright

Out of nowhere in the middle of summer


2:18 girl says:- If we are going to die , I love you.- I love you too.(and laughing) :D

Nikolay Shulgin

2:20 - A girl said ''If we die, I just want you to know that I love you'' A guy responded ''I love you too'' :D

Rainstill Gaming

16 миллионов-норм!

US Gaming

None of these fucking losers even helped the people who were still in the water! Some of those fucking people who were still in probably drowned. I would have saved every one of them and none of these stupid Russians even tried to help. That's why there birth rate sucks, because no one gives a crap about anyone.


Girl says: If we're gonna die, I love you. Man: I love you too :))


I was waiting for some White Walker action.

News Tube

what storm it's a beautiful day

Eduardo Rebecca

How dirty this beach is...

hamze sadic

Only in Russia 

Raptor Jesus

woah thats brutal!


"Oh, shit!" is a common expression throughout the world.

Deny Nurdin

thanks for your share bro. i'm so sorry, bad weather ruined your holiday :)

Jsp Loco

Esos granizos deben de doler al golpearte yo me voy al cochea refugiarme, no me quedaria en la playa.

Christopher Vasquez

In USA pussies hide from hail in Russia people laught and giggle at hail 


Best thing for Russians. Knock some sense into them.

Rasta Snake

happy day